Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nauvoo Trip!

We went to Nauvoo with our friends Phil and Tiffany. It was alot of fun and it was a good way to start out the summer. Nauvoo was a neat place, but the temple was definitely the highlight. I have never been in such a beautiful building.
Carthage Jail

Herbie lives!!
The Beautiful Nauvoo Temple

Our comfy little tent. The campsite was actually pretty nice. They had bathrooms and showers, so we weren't roughing it too badly.

So on the way over, we had a little detour. We missed an exit, so we decided to turn around across the median. Unfortunately this was during the flooding, so the ground was quite moist. And we hit the mud perfectly. Our front tire got stuck and it was stuck good. We called AAA to get a tow truck and while we were waiting, this nice guy below came and pulled us out of the mud. He was really funny and we were so grateful to him. It was quite the adventure. We didn't get to Nauvoo until 1:00 am. Then we had to set up camp- it was a short night=)

We made the best out of the situation and got some good laughs over it.

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