Thursday, April 10, 2008

All good things must come to an end.....

After such a fun weekend, it was hard to say goodbye to everyone. Melissa and Mom had tickets to the afternoon session so I hung out with them before my flight left. It's always hard to go back to reality when you have such a fun time with no responsibilities. I would not have changed anything though. We packed a lot in and made so many great memories. Maybe we will just have to do it again next year....

Saturday Conference

Saturday was an awesome day. I had the great opportunity to attend both sessions and to be part of the Solemn Assembly and to sustain President Monson as our new prophet. It was such an incredible spirit and I will never forget it. After the morning session we all met in the ZCMI food court and ate lunch. Dave's parents and two brothers were there so we also got to see them. It was so fun to be with them, but we all missed Dave!

Me and my pal Christina
Right before the session started- my dress looks really poochy there=)
I love my sisters.
Brad and Bob- always a good time

My new lil' niece McKenna! So cute!
Hanging with the in-laws. It was so great to see them again.

Hangin' With The Fam

When we all get together it's always guaranteed to be a good time and this trip was nothing different. After having our traditional Friday night meal at the Olive Garden we ran a few errands to the Distribution Center in the Joseph Smith Building. Things got a little goofy and we had a lot of good laughs. We went back to the hotel and decided we all wanted dessert. So at 10:30 at night we dragged Dad out with us and we went to Macaroni Grill and all shared some yummy desserts. It was so much fun!! I love being with my family- I only wished Dave was there too.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back Together Again!

We all met up at Zupa's for lunch. Man I forget how much I miss that place. It was so fun being together with everyone again. Then we went to Real Deals and got some cute home decorative things. It was alot of fun. We drove up to Salt Lake area and went to Cafe Rio for dinner and met up with my brothers Nicholas and Michael and his three kids. I miss Cafe Rio too=) THen we went to Michael's house to see our new niece Brooklyn! She is so cute and has such curly dark hair. We all headed back to the hotel and took a nice dip in the pool. Such a fun first day!

I LOVE Conference!!!

OH my goodness. I think April Conference is one of my favorite times of the year. I like October too, but April is just always so happy because it's Spring and I think everyone is just excited to hear what the prophet has to say after enduring a long winter. Well this Conference I was extra excited. Probably because I don't live near Salt Lake anymore and I got to see my family again! Oh how I took living close to them for granted. So I flew into Salt Lake on Wednesday night and my sister Melissa flew in Thursday morning. I spent the night at Kristin and Jason's new townhouse in Provo and went to BYU in the morning to meet up with my old roommate Vindie and to visit my old stomping grounds! I miss Provo so much- I never thought I really would!

Happy Easter!!

Dave is back from Honduras! Yay! He got back early Easter morning. He had a good time but man, I missed him here. We had a great Easter day- even if there was still snow. We had a delicious meal with our friends Judd & Haley and Jake & Jill. We are so glad to have such good friends out here.

Dave's Birthday

Well Dave's Birthday was so much fun. I made him a sweet breakfast (blueberry muffins and an omelette) and then we went and ran some errands. After, I took him to the Currie Golf Dome so he could get his golf itch taken care of. He is an awesome golfer so it was alot of fun to watch. Even I took a swing at it=) Maybe I just picked up a new hobby too. We went to the outlet stores for a little bit and then went to Red Robin to get his free birthday burger. Yummy! I made him a banana cream pie (his tradition on his birthday) and he got a couple golf shirts, a golf pass, a golf handicap (whatever that is) a couple gift cards- so he did alright! It was so fun to just hangout with him for a whole day-it's been awhile!