Sunday, January 11, 2009

Skiing in Beautiful Montana

We were hoping to go skiing on New Year's Eve, but the weather wasn't looking too good so we decided to postpone. We woke up on Saturday and it was a beautiful day so we decided to go for a half day up to Snowbowl. It WAS beautiful, but wow it was cold!!!!!! The view from my parents house as we prepare to head out!
Dad, Kerri, & I

This is why I love Montana! It was gorgeous on top of the Mountain. Can't beat that view!

It was so cold up on top of the mountain. It was literally zero degrees on top of the mountain and with the windchill, who knows what it felt like. I have never experienced the true meaning of a brain freeze. It was so fun to get out and go skiing, but man I can't remember a colder ski trip. Thanks for taking us out Dad!

Trying to get warm in the truck. I was chilled for the whole rest of the day. It was worth it though!

Some Random Shots

The boys setting up the new Basketball hoop. They're so handy! =)

So bless my Mom's heart- she kept this Gingerbread house for4 years. I made it when I was a senior in high school in a Cooking class and she KEPT it! She even kept it when they moved houses. She asked me if I wanted to take it home with me, but I decided not to. Hard decision =) It had more to it , but it was mostly broken so she took a picture of what was left with it so I could remember. It was a pretty awesome gingerbread house, even if the pictures don't do it justice. Probably the only time I will have made a gingerbread house from scratch.

Who is stronger?? I think that's how their arms stayed pretty much the whole match. But I think Dave could take him.... =)

Capturing Kerri in her finest moment.

Trying out the new camera at Red Robin. Grandpa is in the distance.

Dave was styling in my sunglasses on the drive over to WA

More of Missoula...

When we got back from Washington on New Year's Eve, my brother Nicholas and his wife Courtney were there! We knew they were coming and couldn't wait to see them, but someone else showed up too! My sister Kristin and her baby McKenna flew up that morning and surprised everyone! It was so much fun to see them all again and we had a good time getting reacquainted!
Our trip was complete with a dinner at Mustard Seed.

Me and my Bro

Christmas in Washington

We had a great time in Washington visting Dave's family. We played lots of games, ate some great food, and had an awesome time just spending time with his family. I am so blessed to have such great in-laws!We had a nice dinner at a fancy Seafood restaurant the night Bob's girlfriend Alyse flew in. She is a really cute, nice girl and we hope to be able to see more of her =)

We had to squeeze in some bowling over the break because we hadn't been in forever. Dave bowled well and I had a fairly decent run, but I have had better games myself!

I was a little excited after getting a strike!!!!!!!

I have certain steps that I have to follow before I let go of the ball, otherwise I get all messed up.

We Love Bowling!

After bowling we went over to Levi and Heather's house for a pre-New Year's Eve party. It was a blast and Levi put on quite the Talent show with his performance of "If I Were a RIch Man" It was hilarious!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas break was so much fun! Dave flew into Missoula on Dec. 23rd and I flew in on Christmas Eve. I was so nervous about the weather and making all my flights but after many prayers, I made it to Missoula on time! I was so happy to see Dave again, my parents, Kerri, Christopher, Natalie and their two girls.
Reunited! (Mom was quick with her camera)

I love my Dad!

After eating good food we were all a bit tired and somehow I ended up being the couch. It was so much fun to see my parents new house- I love it!

WEll, we woke up about 7AM opened some sweet presents (I got a plane ticket to go to APril Conference in Salt Lake! Yay!) And then we decided to take our niece Kaitlyn sledding. It was alot of fun- it had been so long since the last time I'd been.

We got so many good presents! Dave got me awesome presents and we got a sweet new camera from my parents so now I hope to be better at taking pictures and staying on top of the blog! Merry Christmas 2008!