Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Got Tagged- 6 Quirks About ME

1. This happened just the other morning at breakfast- we were eating cereal and Dave was slurping his milk like nothing I have ever heard. I don't like to hear it too loud and was starting to get a little irritated which made it more funny to Dave.

2. I have a certain way I like to load the dishwasher. Bowls go up top, cups and glasses next to them, plates in a certain order, etc. So when Dave helps and loads it I often find myself reloading it to my liking.

3. Like Jill, I also hate going to bed with a messy apartment. It is the worst thing to wake up to. I must admit I don't always clean up everything but one thing that has to get done are the dishes. I hate waking up to that.

4. When I am driving, I always have to be in the line with the least cars. If there is one lane with two cars and three in the other I have to switch and be in the two car lane. Most of the time it doesn't make a difference, but I just like to feel like I save a little time=) Oh and my biggest pet peeve when driving- people who forget to turn off their blinkers!!

5. I have a strict routine in the morning that i follow: I have to do everything the same. AFter I get out of the showerI have to brush my teeth, then clean my ears, then apply my moisturizer, then comb my hair, then put on chapstick, and then blowdry my hair.

6. My clocks are set 13 minutes fast. I don't know why it's 13 but in my car, my watches, and my alarm clock are always 13 minutes fast. Why? I don't know- maybe I feel like I am not running as late....

Those are my 6 quirks, there are many more I"m sure. Now I tag.... My sister Kristin!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Alright, here is one of the best blogs you will ever find. My oldest sister Melissa is amazing at home decorating, finding deals, turning what you would call trash into beautiful decor. So she started it a blog on her own. She does amazing things- lots of my ideas come from her. Now all I need is the motivation!=) Anyway check it out! She does fun things like give-aways too. She is awesome! I love my sister! (All three of them=))