Sunday, July 10, 2011


On one of our last Sundays in Milwaukee, the Robertsons had us over for a final barbeque. We have made life long friends and we miss them too much. It was a fun night and little Nolan provided the best comment of the night. We will just leave it at that.

Wendy and Jared
Judd & Haley (Not sure why I didn't take a pic of them at the bbq, so this one is a substitute. Sorry!)
Phil, Tiff, and Colston
Jake, Jill, Nolan, and Luke

These next pictures are not pretty to look at, but they still make me laugh. We had everyone over for Easter dinner and after dinner I was spinning Nolan and Luke in our office chair. They were having the best time, and we stopped after a few minutes of spinning. Jill took Lukie off and sat down on the chair and put him on her lap. Next thing we knew, he had vomited all over her. I felt so bad, but I was dying of laughter. Luckily Jill was too. Poor guy, I felt bad but man it was funny.

Match Day

Well Match Day didn't go quite the way we were expecting it. We already knew where we were going, but we went anyway and it was fun to see where all our friends ended up going. It was an exciting day and lucky for us we get to do it again next year! =)

Snowed In and Chicago

We got a HUGE blizzard in February. We woke up at 5:30 in the morning to see what the damage was outside and it was incredible. The streets were covered in 3 feet of snow and the drifts were taller than me. Dave was supposed to be to the hospital by 7, and there was no way that was happening. The city was in a state of emergency and no one could go anywhere until about noon. My work was cancelled so I stayed home all day and Dave was finally able to get to work around noon. Crazy winters in the Midwest!

Early in March, my brother Nicholas had training in Chicago so we met him down there for the weekend and Kristin joined us from Carbondale. We had lots of fun and laughs and were so glad to be together again.

New Year's in Carbondale

For New Year's we drove down to Carbondale, IL to see Kristin, Jason, Mckenna and Madison. It was so much fun! Mom and Dad flew in a day after us and we had tons of fun together. We played lots of games, ate lots of yummy food, watched movies, hit up the Dillard's sale on New Year's Day and went to a basketball game. We had a blast and were so glad to see where Kristin and Jason call home.

So I took the picture of this sign because this is the pedestrian crossing that was outside McDonald's in Carbondale. Compare that with the usual sign you see... Clearly these pedestrians are frequent eaters at McDonald's.


Since we stayed home this Christmas, we decided to go to Chicago on Dec. 23rd to see Wicked. It was well worth the trip! We had a great time riding the Subway to downtown, eating Garrett's popcorn and Gino's pizza, doing a little shopping, and seeing Wicked. We loved the play! Chicago was beautiful with all the Christmas lights. We had an awesome time.

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was a little different this year- we went out to eat with the Fitzgeralds and the Robertsons. It was a very relaxing day with delicious food. We met up with the Rabes and Fairbourns later for dessert. It was a great day we loved being with our friends. The next morning the girls got up early and went to the mall at 4am!! We were crazy but we had a great time.

Christmas in Milwaukee

This year we stayed home for Christmas which was alot different, but we had a good time. Thank goodness the Rabe's were home too so we had a fun time on Christmas Eve with them, making scones and having yummy food. Santa was good to us this year as usual and we had a very relaxing day. We had brunch with our neighborhood and vegged out the rest of the day. We decided to go to a movie later on and were planning on going out to eat afterwards but NO WHERE was open. We were shocked. So what did we eat for Christmas dinner? Dave had a can of chili and I had cereal. We figured it will be a good story to share with our kids someday.