Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Super Saturday Crafts

This past weekend we had our annual Super Saturday for Relief Society. My calling is on the Enrichment Committee so I was in charge of putting it together. I had the wonderful task of making a 20" antique clock. It didn't sound too bad at the time. After all how hard could making a clock be? How wrong I was....AFter many tries with crackle paint and different colors, finding all the clock parts, finding the middle of the circle to drill holes, stenciling the numbers on the clock, and finding the right hands, I realized it was ALOT of work. But thanks to help from vinyl lettering websites and inputs from friends I put together a clock I was very proud of. One of our other crafts were decopage signs. I chose to do the Happy Harvest one since I don't have many fall decorations. It was so easy to do and cheap too! The best kind of project! =)

For the clock I took a little bit of a different turn than I had originally planned. I didn't do crackle paint and I went a little darker than the original ivory I was planning on. I painted the base coat a dark espresso and then sponged on a country tan color on the top. I was very pleased with how it turned out. Now I just need to figure out where to put it!

Monday, November 3, 2008


So last year we started a little tradition with carving pumpkins with our friends so we decided to carry it on this year. Phil and Tiffany had us over to their apartment and we had a great time carving our pumpkins and eating yummy treats. I went for a goofy looking pumpkin and Dave went with a BYU in his pumpkin. It was a great time. I love the fall and Halloween!

Happy Birthday To ME!!!!

Well it was a GREAT birthday for me! Even though I am getting older, I still managed to have a good time. =) Dave was so cute and nice and got me great gifts, made me muffins in the morning and got me my favorite cereal. He even brought me flowers and cupcakes to my work! He got me fabulous presents along with others of you- and I loved them all. We finished the night off with a nice dinner at Claimjumper. It was the best birthday ever- but Dave is just glad this day is only once a year =) I'm already counting down the days til my next birthday...

If that wasn't enough my friends Jill, Haley, and Tiffany took me out to dinner at Bravo, an Italian restaurant and it was so yummy. I am so lucky to have such great friends and I love the time we get to spend with each other. It's always guaranteed a good time. Thanks girls!

Happy 22nd- Surprise!!

Well another birthday has come and gone and this little party definitely caught me by surprise. It was the day before my birthday and I was starting to feel like I was getting a cold. I went to the gym for a little bit and decided I just wanted to go home and take it easy for the night. I went to Walgreens on the way home to get some Airborne and Dave called me to see where I was. I told him I was on my way and I walked in the door and.....SURPRISE! All my friends were over at our apartment! I was definitely not expecting it! I mean I was in my gym clothes and not looking the cutest but it was so much fun. My friends Jill and Haley made some really yummy treats and Dave put up decorations and got me some balloons and ice cream for the party. He did an excellent job planning and thanks to Jill and Haley for completing the night! It was a great way to start off my birthday. Thanks honey!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Got Tagged- 6 Quirks About ME

1. This happened just the other morning at breakfast- we were eating cereal and Dave was slurping his milk like nothing I have ever heard. I don't like to hear it too loud and was starting to get a little irritated which made it more funny to Dave.

2. I have a certain way I like to load the dishwasher. Bowls go up top, cups and glasses next to them, plates in a certain order, etc. So when Dave helps and loads it I often find myself reloading it to my liking.

3. Like Jill, I also hate going to bed with a messy apartment. It is the worst thing to wake up to. I must admit I don't always clean up everything but one thing that has to get done are the dishes. I hate waking up to that.

4. When I am driving, I always have to be in the line with the least cars. If there is one lane with two cars and three in the other I have to switch and be in the two car lane. Most of the time it doesn't make a difference, but I just like to feel like I save a little time=) Oh and my biggest pet peeve when driving- people who forget to turn off their blinkers!!

5. I have a strict routine in the morning that i follow: I have to do everything the same. AFter I get out of the showerI have to brush my teeth, then clean my ears, then apply my moisturizer, then comb my hair, then put on chapstick, and then blowdry my hair.

6. My clocks are set 13 minutes fast. I don't know why it's 13 but in my car, my watches, and my alarm clock are always 13 minutes fast. Why? I don't know- maybe I feel like I am not running as late....

Those are my 6 quirks, there are many more I"m sure. Now I tag.... My sister Kristin!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Alright, here is one of the best blogs you will ever find. My oldest sister Melissa is amazing at home decorating, finding deals, turning what you would call trash into beautiful decor. So she started it a blog on her own. She does amazing things- lots of my ideas come from her. Now all I need is the motivation!=) Anyway check it out! She does fun things like give-aways too. She is awesome! I love my sister! (All three of them=))

Sunday, September 7, 2008

All Caught UP!!!

Well I am officially caught up on my blogging. Not everything is in the right order, I kind of just did it when I had time, and I remembered I hadn't posted everything but hear ya go. Sorry if it's confusing =) Enjoy!

Our Summer Accomplishment

Well in about June, we decided to do a Half Marathon- didn't sound that bad at the time. Then we started training for it and man I realized how hard running really was and why I hadn't done much of it before this. As time went on it got easier. Our longest run was 10 miles and it was pretty hard so coming into this race I was a little nervous, so was Dave. We got up at 5 a.m. and drove two hours to the Cheesehead Half Marathon. This was our before picture. Nervous, clean, and ready to get it over with.

This was after we finished! We did it! The weather was perfect and it was flat road almost the whole road. I was proud with my time of 2 hours and 2 minutes. I ran the whole time, even though it felt like I was walking at times, and Dave finished a little after I did. We were glad to have it done. I don't know how people do full marathons. They have my full respect. I would do it again, but I need to let my left knee recover. It hurt really bad during the race and hurts worse today. Yay for us!

Can't Believe It's Been One Year

We decided to celebrate our First Anniversary by going up to Door County for the weekend. On our way there, we decided we had to stop at the famous Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. We are officially Wisconsinites. We have visited their coveted field. It was nice, but I would not want to spend all day there =)

My Favorite Cheesehead

The SUnsets in Door County are beautiful.

Beautiful Door County

Door County is an awesome spot up in Northern Wisconsin on a little strip past Green Bay. It's like the Cape Cod of Wisconsin. It was so much fun and it had such cute little towns and shops. It was the perfect place to spend our Anniversary.
We went to this Scandinavian Restaurant for breakfast and they have real live goats up on the roof who eat the grass- it was hilarious! And the food was so yummy...
For our Anniversary dinner we went to a really nice restaurant and had a great meal, but the highlight was the dessert...it was the most amazing triple berry cobbler we have ever had. We still talk about it.
Playing on Lake Michigan- it's weird to think this is the same lake we have in Milwaukee- it's soooo big!
So we decided to rent a paddle boat and this is what they gave us. It was the oldest thing I've ever seen, but it was worth the experience=)
Sailing was awesome! It was so much and the weather was perfect for it.

Happy 4th of July!

Even though fireworks, ALL fireworks, are outlawed in Milwaukee we decided to light up some sparklers and have a little fun...Daring I know =)

We went down to Lake Michigan and rode our bikes around it. It was so pretty and a really fun ride!
We had to make it to a Brewers game over the summer and Dave's Med School played Marquette in a baseball game and so we got some cheap tickets. It was a great weekend!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It was SO much fun being home! We crammed alot into the week we were in Missoula and had a blast while doing it. We hit the Dairy Queen, Out to Lunch, hiked the M, went boating at the lake, went to the mall, saw my parent's new house multiple times and had fun just hanging out with my family. I was so glad that I had Kristin and Kerri there, but we definitely felt a missing void with Melissa in Texas. Maybe next summer...

Mackenzie River Pizza... Yum

Thanks for the pedicures Mom!
Girl's Day out
Boating at Salmon Lake was so much fun. We did go wakeboarding but we left our camera in the car and by the time we got it out, it was too chilly for me to get back in. I forget how pretty it is in Montana.

Watching Dad make his famous pies
Picnic at Bonner Park
Kerri and I have a very "love-hate" relationship =)

I'm so glad I got to see Kristin again and her cute little McKenna!

My last time at my house! =( It was so sad to think that was the last time I would ever stay in the house I grew up in. We will miss it, but it will be fun to stay in the new one and have lots more room. Goodbye Arlington Drive!

Hiking the 'M' was a must for me, so the morning we left to go over to Washington we woke up and hiked it. It was so pretty with the sun coming up and I got a little sad to leave Missoula.

Fun In Pasco

Being in Pasco was a lot of fun as well. It was nice to relax and hang out with the Barber family. We played lots of games, ate yummy food, and spent many hours out on the golf course. So many fun memories!

We went to the Columbia River Temple to do a session and it brought back lots of memories from our wedding. It was beautiful!
One of the Barber boys' golf outings
Family picture at Grandma Barber's- She lives right in front of the temple and has the most gorgeous view.
Family Golf Tournament- Brad won this round and claims he is the new family champion. Good job!