Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well we went home to Montana and Washington for a couple of weeks and I took some pictures of Montana but then my camera battery died and I didn't get any of Washington =(. We had a great vacation and it was good to be around family again.

Typical hippy Missoula car parked in front of the courthouse. Too funny.

We watched Tangled numerous times with the kids and they loved brushing our hair while watching it so they could sing the song. It was so cute.
Mom and Dad were the best hosts. Dad made his remake of "Gino's East" pizza.
I wanted to hike the M so badly, so at 9pm one night we went out for an adventure. It was the perfect night and the scenery was beautiful.

We met Grandma and Grandpa at the mall for lunch.
Mom's Birthday! We had a delicious dinner at Ciao Mambo and came home for cake and presents. Dad looks so excited.

We went hiking to Morrell Falls and the trail was packed with snow. As we got closer to the falls, we were hiking in snow in June. It was nuts!
Dave's neck was killing him by the end, but McKenna was comfortable!
Can you see the snow?
The falls were gushing. They were so beautiful and FREEZING too.
And to reward ourselves after the hike we stopped at Lindey's- the only place I eat steak. It was delicious.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

4 Years in the Making....

Get ready for picture overload. Who knew that we would actually make it to graduation day of med school? Four years seemed like such a long time but I can't believe how fast the time went. It was a beautiful day and a great day to celebrate with our parents and friends. I am so proud of Dave and for all the hard work he did to make it through! Wahoo!

We started the morning with breakfast at the Pancake House- yummy.

Then we headed over to the med school to get pictures with our friends.
The guys doing their usual pose
Okay, they are buds.
The gang... so many memories over the 4 years.

Officially Doctors!
It was a bad way to end such a great day but we had to say goodbye to everyone right after graduation. It was awful and very tearful but we left with so many good memories and we already have a reunion set up for November. Yay! These girls have been the most amazing friends I could have asked for. We have many fun trips ahead of us!

And to end the night, we stopped one last time at Kopps before heading to Michigan the next day. Dave and I comment all the time about how much we miss their custard.
This pretty much sums up the day. Love you babe.

Graduation Festivities

We were so glad that both of our parents could come out for Dave's graduation. It was awesome to have all of them there and although it was quick, we did alot and had a great time.

The night before graduation there was a dinner for all the graduates. It was pretty boring but all part of the graduation celebration.

3175 N. 75th St. #2

It was a sad day moving out of our first apartment. This was our first home together as a married couple and we will always cherish the memories we had in that little apartment. It was the weirdest feeling knowing that we would not be coming back to it. As we were sitting in our empty apartment it was funny to look back and see how far we had come as a couple. Our first six months of marriage were very challenging and we went through alot and Dave put up with a lot of emotions from me. Thank goodness he stuck it out because we have come so far since then. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for 3175 N. 75th St. #2 in Milwaukee, WI.

The boys loading up the truck
The girls supervising on the porch
My favorite neighbor. I realize how much I took for granted having this lady right next door to me.
One last picture
Sitting in our empty bedroom. I remember when we first moved out to Milwaukee and I was tearfully saying goodbye to my Mom she said "You are crying right now, but you will cry when you have to leave this place". As always, she was right.

A Brief Retirement

It was actually really hard for me to leave work- not because I was sad to quit working for awhile, but because I knew I would not find better co-workers than I had in Milwaukee. Luckily, I have been blessed to be working with more amazing people here in Michigan. My friends at M&I threw me a great going away party and I miss them lots.

Mr. Endl was a customer who came to see me everyday. He lost his wife a couple of years ago and he was a very lonely man, but the sweetest guy. He told me stories from when he was POW in World War 2, brought me lots of chocolate, and kept me company alot. He would come to me for everything- learning how to work his cell phone, helping him find his lost girlfriend, and all sorts of other things. I was glad to help him and we grew really close. I miss seeing him and hearing about his day. He told me I was the granddaughter he never had.
Cory was one of my favorite people at work. She reminded me alot of my Mom and made me laugh alot.
These were my Vampire Diaries crew. Jo and I were making a "V" sign, not a peace sign. We spent many a Friday morning discussing the latest episode and getting together on the weekends to watch them together.
Jo and Janelle- the bankers I worked with. I'm sure we did more talking, blog stalking, and eating more than work, but we grew close and I miss these ladies and we have some great memories.
I decided to throw this picture in too. Dave grew really close to alot of his young men, particularly Danny Scaife. Dave helped Danny finish his eagle project and I was so proud of both of them. They put in countless hours to the project and Danny was a dinner guest in our house for many nights. Way to go guys!