Sunday, April 19, 2009

Door County Weekend

So it was pretty last minute, but two of Dave's young men has a family cabin up in Door County. They were out of town for the weekend and asked Dave if we would like to use it. We cleared our weekend called up some friends and decided to make a weekend out of it. It was so much fun to get out of Milwaukee and hang out with our friends. We had a blast.

Haley, me, and Tiffany
These girls are so fun and it is a guaranteed good time when we get together.

Cuddling by the fire! It was cold up there but the boys made a nice and toasty fire.

Tiffany devouring her Smores. I had like 10 that night- I think I'm good for the year =)

We went to the one bowling alley up in Door County and it was tiny. It was really old and old-fashioned. I bowled a 100 both games so I was pleased with my consistency. The boys had a championship and the losers had to do pushups. Dave won one of them and monitored Phil and Judd.

After breakfast we walked down by Lake Michigan. It was freezing down by the lake and it was crazy because part of it was frozen over! This lake is huge and it was weird to think this is the same lake we go to in Milwaukee- three hours away.

I know, we're soooooooo cute =)

We ate breakfast at a Swedish restaurant and it was so yummy! I had to eat through all of the whipped cream to get to my pancakes, but don't worry, I made it through!

April Conference

My Mom and I were able to go to the Sunday morning session of Conference. It was so good to hear such inspiring messages. It was a great way to end my weekend.

Hanging out at Ladies Night

The whole gang! Well almost, Dave wasn't with me and we were missing Melissa and her family. There were definitely some empty spots that simply couldn't be filled without everyone there! But we will get to see them in May!

The girls all hung out while the boys were at Priesthood. Those are always a wild 2 hours!

Some of my Aunts and cousins were also down in Salt lake for Conference so we took a group shot together while we were all there.

Grandma watched everyone's stuff while we wandered around. This was the hangout spot while we waited for the boys to come back. And don't worry- my Aunt Nancy whose lap I'm sitting on is not really in a wheelchair. She was just occupying it for the moment =)

For the Saturday morning session I went over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and watched the session with Dave's parents, Brad, Bob and Alyse. It was great to see them again and can't wait to see them again in May for Bob and Alyse's wedding.

Conference Weekend Day 1

Three of my cute little nieces. This was after swimming at the hotel. It's so fun when everyone gets together!

Dinner at Red Lobster- Mom and Dad were a little thirsty!

So we decided to help them out =)

Before leaving her dorm, I think Kerri didn't hear me when I said she would only be gone for two DAYS, not two months!! It was too funny I had to capture the moment. (In case you can't tell she had 5 bags with her!!)

McKenna and I hanging out at one of the many stores we hit!

I was so glad I got to meet up with my best friend from Provo, Christina. We only saw each other for a quick shopping trip at the mall but it was so good to see her!

I have so many fun memories with this girl! I have no idea what I would have done without her!

And I am so happy for her that she finally got the man she deserves! She is getting married in August and will make a beautiful bride. Chris is a very lucky man!

Lunch at Zupas- I miss that place so much. It was delicious!

Happy 26th Birthday Honey!!

Dave is 26 years old!! Man he is getting old! Good thing he has me to keep him young right? Just kidding honey! We had a great time celebrating his birthday. It was kind of a low key day because it was a Fast Sunday and all but we still made the most of it. I took him to Outback the night before with some friends so we did a little celebrating all weekend!

I made him his favorite birthday dessert- Banana Cream Pie. I think it's my new favorite too!

This little girl Kate is our neighbor and she LOVES Dave. It's hilarious. She is convinced she will marry him when she gets older. Too cute!
Here he is celebrating in his Birthday Suit!! =) What a handsome man!