Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not Quite Sure What to Think About This...

Alright so let me give you some background information before I get into this post. About a year ago, I went to another branch within the bank to help out because they were short staffed. I was there for two days. While I was there, I helped a certain man (AKA my stalker) and apparently left quite the impression on him. When I left he asked a co-worker of mine who I was and where I usually worked. He asked him all sorts of questions about me (nothing too weird )and my coworker answered because he didn't really think anything of it. Well ever since then, this guy has been coming into MY branch (which is about 20 minutes away from where he usually went). He would always come to me and talk to me in a creepy voice, but again he never asked me anything too weird or made any over-the-line comments. But I did tell Dave his name just in case I ever go missing =) Anyway this has been going on since then and I try to avoid him at all cost and if I do help him I just am very quiet and don't answer his questions elaborately. He always asks me when I work because he wants to show me his dog. Well one day, I helped him through the drive-up and I gave his dog a biscuit.

Okay, so this past week he comes in and of course comes right to me. He hands me his deposit and then give me this envelope and says "Someone wanted me to give this to you" He said I could wait to open it until my break (yeah right) and as I took it I got pretty nervous because it was alot heavier than just a card. So after he left and I opened it and this is what it was:

The card says, "Dear Kelsey, Thank you for giving me a dog biscuit the last time I came to your bank. Your friend, Lilly.

And that coin is a silver dollar coin. When I got it I had no idea how to react. Apart of me was even more creeped out than before, but then another part of me felt really sorry for this guy. He obviously is lonely and doesn't have a lot to do with his time. I feel kind of bad because I am not always the friendliest because I don't want to give him a wrong impression. So now I am just going to be nicer to him, but still be careful and if things start to get weird, I will definitely take action. He did ask when my birthday was so maybe I'll get something even better =) Just kidding. Kind of sad though. That's my story.


Jackie said...

He WANTS you to feel bad for him. That's what they all do.

He's a creep!

melissa said...

Yikes. Poor guy, but be careful! Your hair looks gorgeous, BTW.
Love ya!

Susan said...

That is so funny, Kelsey! I can just see you helping him. Sounds like kind of like a pathetic guy desperate for some loving. Just make sure to keep your distance - guys like that can get crazy. We had to refuse service to one of our customers at the bank, kind of the same thing but never got any crazy thank you letters for giving his dog a biscuit. I think that is too funny. Guess it adds excitement to your work day. Love you! (Sorry I'm Susan today)