Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Aloha from Maui!!

We had the best trip to Hawaii! Everything was absolutely perfect. The weather, the activities, the food, the company, everything. The only bad part was when we had to leave. It was perfect timing because we left the day after Dave finished his boards. It was so fun to finally spend some time together- and I can think of a better place to do it! Here are some of the pictures from our trip!

After a long plane ride, we finally made it! Thanks Shannon and Lowell for the leis and making us feel so welcomed!
This was our first night in Maui and one of the many pretty sunsets we enjoyed.

Lowell didn't look like a tourist at all did he? I was laughing so hard- he is the greatest.

THank you so much Lowell and Shannon for the awesome vacation. We had the best time and will cherish the memories forever. We owe you big time! We love you!


Jill said...

i was jealous before but now that i've seen the pictures and heard all about it i'm even more jealous!
i can't believe all that you did. i love the shot of you holding that huge long board. you look like a pro!

Chris and Christina said...

so jealous. i loved hawaii and i'm glad you could experience. you look beautiful :)