Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas in Chicago

So the Saturday after Thanksgiving we decided to go down to Chicago to see the decorations and to do a little shopping. Neither of my parents had ever been there and Mom was dying to see Michigan Avenue. We left bright and early and had a fun day seeing Chicago. It was a perfect day to take it all in.

Cozy in the backseat- love that shot of Dad.
Pilot and Co-Pilot


The girlers

Me and My Honey

So on our wanderings down Michigan Avenue there were two ladies outside wearing these big fur coats and they told us we HAD to check out their store. So we did. Upstairs there were these crazy, huge, expensive fur coats. The owners were so nice they let us try them on and let us take pictures (knowing very well we had no intention of buying anything). They were so fancy. We decided to try our shot at modeling.

Mom wins best model. She's already been recruited. Me? I gave up my contract a long time ago....Haha.

Macy's was decorated so pretty! It was just like off of a movie. Kerri and I got our make-up done and browsed the nine floors. We love Chicago.

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