Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dave's Birthday

Well Dave's Birthday was so much fun. I made him a sweet breakfast (blueberry muffins and an omelette) and then we went and ran some errands. After, I took him to the Currie Golf Dome so he could get his golf itch taken care of. He is an awesome golfer so it was alot of fun to watch. Even I took a swing at it=) Maybe I just picked up a new hobby too. We went to the outlet stores for a little bit and then went to Red Robin to get his free birthday burger. Yummy! I made him a banana cream pie (his tradition on his birthday) and he got a couple golf shirts, a golf pass, a golf handicap (whatever that is) a couple gift cards- so he did alright! It was so fun to just hangout with him for a whole day-it's been awhile!

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Levi said...

Too bad you can't swing anymore because of your shoulder. You should take up a different sport, like horseback riding.