Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I LOVE Conference!!!

OH my goodness. I think April Conference is one of my favorite times of the year. I like October too, but April is just always so happy because it's Spring and I think everyone is just excited to hear what the prophet has to say after enduring a long winter. Well this Conference I was extra excited. Probably because I don't live near Salt Lake anymore and I got to see my family again! Oh how I took living close to them for granted. So I flew into Salt Lake on Wednesday night and my sister Melissa flew in Thursday morning. I spent the night at Kristin and Jason's new townhouse in Provo and went to BYU in the morning to meet up with my old roommate Vindie and to visit my old stomping grounds! I miss Provo so much- I never thought I really would!


melissa*smith said...

It was so fun~I still can't believe it really happened. I miss you, Kels! Hope your cute sweater is keeping you warm and toasty :)

Kristine said...

I am so glad you came! It was so good to see you again--Married life suits you--it makes you even more beautiful it that is even possible!! Come back soon!!

Jason and Kristin Williams said...

You did such a wonderful job on this, Kelsey! I was just thinking a week ago what we were all doing right now - maybe at the Macaroni Grill? Oh that was fun. I'm just so glad we were able to get together again. I'm already anxious to see you and Melissa again, and Kerri too of course. :)Hope you guys get some sunshine this weekend. Love ya!