Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Summer Accomplishment

Well in about June, we decided to do a Half Marathon- didn't sound that bad at the time. Then we started training for it and man I realized how hard running really was and why I hadn't done much of it before this. As time went on it got easier. Our longest run was 10 miles and it was pretty hard so coming into this race I was a little nervous, so was Dave. We got up at 5 a.m. and drove two hours to the Cheesehead Half Marathon. This was our before picture. Nervous, clean, and ready to get it over with.

This was after we finished! We did it! The weather was perfect and it was flat road almost the whole road. I was proud with my time of 2 hours and 2 minutes. I ran the whole time, even though it felt like I was walking at times, and Dave finished a little after I did. We were glad to have it done. I don't know how people do full marathons. They have my full respect. I would do it again, but I need to let my left knee recover. It hurt really bad during the race and hurts worse today. Yay for us!


melissa*smith said...

Kels! You are my hero! 2 hrs 2 minutes is an awesome time. That is a huge accomplishment (and you beat Dave!!) Wowsers. So proud of you! We need to all train and then meet up to do one somewhere in this country :) Love ya!

Jason and Kristin Williams said...

Yeah!! I still am so excited you did that - especially in that time. Hope your knee feels better!

Kristine said...

Amazing Kels!! I still think Hell is going to have a sign that says WELCOME--now you must run a marathon!:)