Sunday, September 7, 2008

All Caught UP!!!

Well I am officially caught up on my blogging. Not everything is in the right order, I kind of just did it when I had time, and I remembered I hadn't posted everything but hear ya go. Sorry if it's confusing =) Enjoy!


Jason and Kristin Williams said...

Kelsey - way to go! Cute fall background, too. I HATE trying to figure out backgrounds. I was just on the computer for two hours trying to figure out my own and it turned out to be a mess! I finally went to "the cutest blog" to get one and it was much easier - but I give you props on yours. Love you!

blindblogger said...

Kelsey, great to see all the pictures! Way to go on finishing the half marathon. Your country out there looks beautiful! I always loved the fall in Michigan hope you are enjoying it.