Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy 22nd- Surprise!!

Well another birthday has come and gone and this little party definitely caught me by surprise. It was the day before my birthday and I was starting to feel like I was getting a cold. I went to the gym for a little bit and decided I just wanted to go home and take it easy for the night. I went to Walgreens on the way home to get some Airborne and Dave called me to see where I was. I told him I was on my way and I walked in the door and.....SURPRISE! All my friends were over at our apartment! I was definitely not expecting it! I mean I was in my gym clothes and not looking the cutest but it was so much fun. My friends Jill and Haley made some really yummy treats and Dave put up decorations and got me some balloons and ice cream for the party. He did an excellent job planning and thanks to Jill and Haley for completing the night! It was a great way to start off my birthday. Thanks honey!

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