Friday, June 5, 2009

Bob and Alyse's Big Day

Well Bob tied the knot over Memorial Day weekend, which is why we took the trip to Utah. It was a beautiful day and everything was so nice. Alyse looked beautiful and I am so happy she has joined the family. They are a great couple and we can't wait to spend some more time with them! Congrats you guys!

This was my first time in the Salt Lake temple and my first wedding that I've attended and I loved it! It was so good to remember what our wedding day was like and the feelings that I had that day.

Some of Bob's smiles. The second one is my personal favorite!

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Brittany said...

Kelsey it was so fun seeing you guys at the wedding. Pretty cute husbands we've got...:) That's crazy Dave has studied 86 hours this week...i would cry for sure too. Actually, I might cry FOR him. Also, I love that you got pictures of Bob's classic smile. Kyle loves to copy his smile all the time. haha.