Friday, June 5, 2009

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

He TOTALLY loves me! Dave is the best husband a girl could ask for. I was at work and in walks the UPS man carrying a long box. He brought it to me and asked me to sign for it and lo and behold, my name was on the box. I was thinking if I had bought anything online recently, but I knew I hadn't so I was completely SHOCKED when I opened it and found 2 dozen beautiful Roses! It made my whole day, week, month, whatever! It's the first time someone has ever sent me flowers through the mail! It was so much fun to get! He is so amazing- despite all the stress he has with studying for Boards, he still finds time to remember me and makes me feel so loved. He is the best. I don't know how he does all he does and still keeps a sane mind. I tell him everyday that if I had to study as much as he did, I would cry everynight. He figures he will have logged about 86 hours of studying this week, but luckily his test is on Wednesday and then we are off to Hawaii for a week! Yay! It will be so good to spend some quality time together again. I love you so much sweetie! Thanks for always thinking of me!


blindblogger said...

Good job Dave. Kelsey you deserve it after being without a husband for a week.

Heather said...

WOW! I can't believe our husbands are related! Haha..... Levi and I are going to celebrate 5 years tommorrow.....let's see if he remembers. I have kept pretty quiet, but I think Brad may have tipped him off b/c I called Brad for a gift idea, then he was really late getting off work! Ha! Well GOOD Job Dave. Sorry you have to study so stinkin much! Cute pictures on your blog. Looks like you and your sisters had a blast. See you in 4 DAYS!!! HOLY COW!!! Or should I say Aloha!

Chris and Christina said...

what a sweet, sweet husband. and you are going to hawaii? i'm totally jealous! have so so so much fun! miss you.