Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Is It Somebody's Birthday?"

Well the best day of the year has come and it has gone. =) My Birthday was awesome this year! I was excited to turn 23 and was expecting to just open presents, go out for dinner and hang out on the actual day. To my HUGE surprise, Dave had a birthday get-away planned. We went down to Chicago Friday night and stayed at the Marriott down there (thanks Christoph for the hookup!). It was so much fun! I love big cities- well I love to visit them I should say. It's a totally different feel and everything seems so exciting. We didn't get down there until about 7:30 so we walked around downtown on Michigan Ave for a little bit and then ate dinner. I didn't take any pictures of Friday night because it was cold and rainy and I didn't feel like getting wet. It was a blast though. We shopped all day on Saturday- it's amazing how much money I could've spent. I found some cute things with my birthday money and could've spent ALOT more! Thanks sweetie for one of the best birthdays ever! Here are a few pics to capture it all:

Oh, it felt so good to step foot into that store again!
Dave was such a trooper while I went in and out of all the stores. Not one bit of complaining for him! He made a Lego friend while he waited.

A glimpse of the city. We both loved downtown Chicago and thought it was so pretty.

They had these huge statues of that famous couple in the painting. I can't remember what it's called right now. You know what I mean right? Right! =)

Yeah this is it! We tried to imitate them. Dave did a pretty good job.

We went inside the Hershey's store and they had this 5 pound candy bar! It had over 10, 000 calories in it. Yumm....

I was in heaven with all the Reese's candy (it's my favorite). I wanted to eat it all.

We went into the Lamborghini store- it is ridiculous how much these cars cost. Dave had fun though.

I told Dave I want this for my next birthday. Riiiiiiiiiiiiggghhht.

Dave really wanted me to take a picture of this gas station that's near our house. Pretty sweet.

Dinner with my Girls!!
So the tradition continues. Jill, Haley, and Tiffany took me out to California Pizza Kitchen (AKA CPK). I love this place. We had a great time but we were really struggling with pictures that night. NONE of them were turning out cute. What is happening to us? So as promised, I posted them in a smaller version. Thanks girls for taking me out and for the funny memories, and Haley thank you for the now infamous quote. =)
Tiff and Haley

Me & Jill

So after dinner we got a little goofy. We sat in Tiffany's car and took funny pictures, well to us at least. We took all sorts of them. It was like being in high school again. We were laughing so hard. Loved it.

Tiff & I- we should be models =)

Our "Pretend that you're scared" faces
Yeah, we look scary.


Jill said...

one of the funnest dinners by far!!! this one was for the books. i'm sad we only have one more birthday for you here. each of our last birthdays we will have to go out with a bang! love ya kels.

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

Kels! Dave did awesome~and it's kind of scary how good you look in front of that Lamborghini :) Love you~

Jason and Kristin Williams said...

I'm so glad it was a good birthday - I love all the goofy pictures, looks like you had a blast! Tell Dave good job. Love ya!

Brittany said...

Kelsey! Can I get your address please! SO Kyle told me about you saving money all along and then giving it all to Dave for Christmas for a T.V.....that is so awesome!! I love it! Hope you guys have a good Christmas!

Haley and Judd Fitzgerald said...

I think it's high time you put up another post so everytime I visit your blog I am not reminded of what a pathetic friend I am :(