Sunday, September 27, 2009

Numero DOS!!

So as some of you may remember I ran my first Half Marathon last summer. I thought I would probably do another one sometime again, and I did. My friend Jill talked me into doing one with her and I'm glad I did. We ran the Lake Country half marathon in Oconomowoc. It was only 30 minutes away and such a BEAUTIFUL run! It made it go by so much faster. I was very nervous the night before the race because I contracted a cold a couple days earlier and the night before I was not feeling too hot. But I woke up and felt pretty good. The day after the race was a diferent story. We had a great run, but I am glad it's over!
Time: 1:49:16 (my goal was to break 2 hours)
Ranking: 8th Place (my age group)
Before the race- one last trip to the outhouse =)
The nerves started getting the best of us, we got a little goofy.
FINISH!!! We finished our race with great times.

Dave was so kind to be our chauffeur. He opted out on this race and every race to come. Last year's race was his max.

And these ladies made the race AWESOME! Tiffany and Haley were there to cheer us on. They came bright and early at 7am with these AMAZING and CUTE signs. They are so great. They followed us at different points throughout the race and gave us motivation to keep going.

They blew up pictures of our heads and glued them to sticks. It was hilarious.

Thanks for coming girls! I just have the best friends out here. Love them so much!

Good job Jill! We finished and celebrated at the Original Pancake House. I have had zero desire to run since the race. I might pick it up again one of these days.


melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

I told you that you're my hero, right?? Amazing, Kels!

Jason and Kristin Williams said...

Kelsey! I still can't believe your amazing time. I don't know if I can run with any of you now - I would come in last for sure. Your pictures are great, though and I love your signs. You've got some good friends. Hope you have a great week - you're almost 23! AHH!

Vindie said...

Wow Kels! I'm stoked for you! That's awesome you've kept up running. Can I just say that I have missed you as a running partner! PS I love the sticks with your faces on them! Your friends seem pretty awesome!

Alyse and Bob said...

Wow! I am so impressed. I wish that I liked running. Maybe someday! Congrats on taking 8th!