Sunday, July 10, 2011


On one of our last Sundays in Milwaukee, the Robertsons had us over for a final barbeque. We have made life long friends and we miss them too much. It was a fun night and little Nolan provided the best comment of the night. We will just leave it at that.

Wendy and Jared
Judd & Haley (Not sure why I didn't take a pic of them at the bbq, so this one is a substitute. Sorry!)
Phil, Tiff, and Colston
Jake, Jill, Nolan, and Luke

These next pictures are not pretty to look at, but they still make me laugh. We had everyone over for Easter dinner and after dinner I was spinning Nolan and Luke in our office chair. They were having the best time, and we stopped after a few minutes of spinning. Jill took Lukie off and sat down on the chair and put him on her lap. Next thing we knew, he had vomited all over her. I felt so bad, but I was dying of laughter. Luckily Jill was too. Poor guy, I felt bad but man it was funny.


Jill said...

i am still laughing about that spinning chair. we miss you guys!!!! it makes me just a little sad to see all the pics of what use to be.

3-D Life said...

Hey Kelsey, this is Huimin. I bet you guys are settled in in MI by now and enjoying the summer there. Hope all is going well!