Monday, March 10, 2008

I Got Tagged by Melissa!

10 Years Ago:
Well, I was 11 years old and probably in the 5th grade. This was the period during my obsession with the Ewing twins and I was in Mrs. Kuchel's class. I played the violin but hated being in orchestra because I felt like a loser- but don't worry I was cool.=) I loved playing kickball at recess and my best friend was Alyssa Adkins, which I don't think Mom liked her too much. I was constantly turning down Michael Gordon. Once I told him I would go out with him for one minute over the phone. Wow, my problems were so big!=)

Things on my To-Do List today:
1) Go to Wal-Greens to buy granola bars
2) Finish work
3) Go to the Y
4) Make Dinner
5) Wrap up loose ends around the apartment
6) Wait for Dave to come home

What I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire:
Well I would first put money aside to pay off med school debt. Then.... I would take a sweet vacation to Europe, probably a Mediterranean cruise. I would add a few clothes to my wardrobe, go out to eat and leave my waiter big tips and watch to see their faces, buy an SUV for later down the road, buy Dave some golf clubs that he desperately NEEDS, take my whole family on a vacation, go down to the soup kitchen or whatever place that is and give people money, visit sick people in the hospital and pay some of their bills, get my leg hairs lasered, go visit an African orphanage- There are so many things I would do I can't even think!

3 of my bad habits: Just three??
1) Procrastinating my blog work=)
2) I don't compliment people enough. I always think things in my head but forget to verbally say it.
3) I need to hang up my clothes after I change, because there always seems to be a pile by my closet

3 Places I have Lived:
1) Missoula, MT
2) Provo, UT
3) Milwaukee, WI

5 Jobs that I have had:
1) Janitor at DJ&A
2) Nanny
3) Waitress at Los Hermanos
4) Receptionist at BYU
5) Bank Teller

5 Things People Don't Know About Me:
1) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Peanut Butter- actually probably everyone knows this- I can just eat it out of the jar. Bad, I know.
2) I had appendicitis in the 4th grade while my parents were in Turkey.
3) I am terrified of snakes
4) I hate it when people leave their blinkers on.
5) I always have to sleep with a blanket over me- no matter what the temperature.

I tag.... Ashley!!

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melissa*smith said...

Kels!!!!!! You blogged! Hooray! I can't tell you how fun it was to come and see updates. Good for you! Thanks for doing the tag also~where is Michael Gordon these days? I love the new background too~very fresh and springy!