Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well we went home to Montana and Washington for a couple of weeks and I took some pictures of Montana but then my camera battery died and I didn't get any of Washington =(. We had a great vacation and it was good to be around family again.

Typical hippy Missoula car parked in front of the courthouse. Too funny.

We watched Tangled numerous times with the kids and they loved brushing our hair while watching it so they could sing the song. It was so cute.
Mom and Dad were the best hosts. Dad made his remake of "Gino's East" pizza.
I wanted to hike the M so badly, so at 9pm one night we went out for an adventure. It was the perfect night and the scenery was beautiful.

We met Grandma and Grandpa at the mall for lunch.
Mom's Birthday! We had a delicious dinner at Ciao Mambo and came home for cake and presents. Dad looks so excited.

We went hiking to Morrell Falls and the trail was packed with snow. As we got closer to the falls, we were hiking in snow in June. It was nuts!
Dave's neck was killing him by the end, but McKenna was comfortable!
Can you see the snow?
The falls were gushing. They were so beautiful and FREEZING too.
And to reward ourselves after the hike we stopped at Lindey's- the only place I eat steak. It was delicious.


Chris and Christina said...

Wish we could've crossed paths here in Montana at the same time. I love love this place. It hecer disappoints.

Haley and Judd Fitzgerald said...

I miss your guts!

3-D Life said...

So happy to see updates!! Glad you guys had an awesome vacation back home! It looks so much fun!

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

Love your updates, Kels! I want a poster of that car in Missoula @ the courthouse!! :)

Jana said...

Kelsey I loved reading your many updates and adventures. I hope you and Dave are enjoying Michigan. My dad always says how beautiful Missoula is, it was fun to see some pictures of it. I miss seeing you at church. :)

Amanda said...

Kels! it's been WAY too long, woman. Hope you guys are enjoying Michigan this year :o) Jake has picked up golf lately - I'm sure he'd love to play with Dave sometime...are you still working out there? How does Dave like residency? We need to catch up soon - love you!

blindblogger said...

Kelsey. If those are your grandparents all I can say is wo. They look really young. Thanks for working so hard on our house. We hope to see you next year in San Diego.

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