Saturday, September 3, 2011

3175 N. 75th St. #2

It was a sad day moving out of our first apartment. This was our first home together as a married couple and we will always cherish the memories we had in that little apartment. It was the weirdest feeling knowing that we would not be coming back to it. As we were sitting in our empty apartment it was funny to look back and see how far we had come as a couple. Our first six months of marriage were very challenging and we went through alot and Dave put up with a lot of emotions from me. Thank goodness he stuck it out because we have come so far since then. We will always hold a special place in our hearts for 3175 N. 75th St. #2 in Milwaukee, WI.

The boys loading up the truck
The girls supervising on the porch
My favorite neighbor. I realize how much I took for granted having this lady right next door to me.
One last picture
Sitting in our empty bedroom. I remember when we first moved out to Milwaukee and I was tearfully saying goodbye to my Mom she said "You are crying right now, but you will cry when you have to leave this place". As always, she was right.

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