Sunday, January 11, 2009

Skiing in Beautiful Montana

We were hoping to go skiing on New Year's Eve, but the weather wasn't looking too good so we decided to postpone. We woke up on Saturday and it was a beautiful day so we decided to go for a half day up to Snowbowl. It WAS beautiful, but wow it was cold!!!!!! The view from my parents house as we prepare to head out!
Dad, Kerri, & I

This is why I love Montana! It was gorgeous on top of the Mountain. Can't beat that view!

It was so cold up on top of the mountain. It was literally zero degrees on top of the mountain and with the windchill, who knows what it felt like. I have never experienced the true meaning of a brain freeze. It was so fun to get out and go skiing, but man I can't remember a colder ski trip. Thanks for taking us out Dad!

Trying to get warm in the truck. I was chilled for the whole rest of the day. It was worth it though!


Jason and Kristin Williams said...

That's one ski trip I was glad I wasn't on - it did look gorgeous, though! :)

blindblogger said...

Kelsey you guys are gorgeous.