Sunday, January 11, 2009

Some Random Shots

The boys setting up the new Basketball hoop. They're so handy! =)

So bless my Mom's heart- she kept this Gingerbread house for4 years. I made it when I was a senior in high school in a Cooking class and she KEPT it! She even kept it when they moved houses. She asked me if I wanted to take it home with me, but I decided not to. Hard decision =) It had more to it , but it was mostly broken so she took a picture of what was left with it so I could remember. It was a pretty awesome gingerbread house, even if the pictures don't do it justice. Probably the only time I will have made a gingerbread house from scratch.

Who is stronger?? I think that's how their arms stayed pretty much the whole match. But I think Dave could take him.... =)

Capturing Kerri in her finest moment.

Trying out the new camera at Red Robin. Grandpa is in the distance.

Dave was styling in my sunglasses on the drive over to WA

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