Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas in Washington

We had a great time in Washington visting Dave's family. We played lots of games, ate some great food, and had an awesome time just spending time with his family. I am so blessed to have such great in-laws!We had a nice dinner at a fancy Seafood restaurant the night Bob's girlfriend Alyse flew in. She is a really cute, nice girl and we hope to be able to see more of her =)

We had to squeeze in some bowling over the break because we hadn't been in forever. Dave bowled well and I had a fairly decent run, but I have had better games myself!

I was a little excited after getting a strike!!!!!!!

I have certain steps that I have to follow before I let go of the ball, otherwise I get all messed up.

We Love Bowling!

After bowling we went over to Levi and Heather's house for a pre-New Year's Eve party. It was a blast and Levi put on quite the Talent show with his performance of "If I Were a RIch Man" It was hilarious!

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