Friday, January 9, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas break was so much fun! Dave flew into Missoula on Dec. 23rd and I flew in on Christmas Eve. I was so nervous about the weather and making all my flights but after many prayers, I made it to Missoula on time! I was so happy to see Dave again, my parents, Kerri, Christopher, Natalie and their two girls.
Reunited! (Mom was quick with her camera)

I love my Dad!

After eating good food we were all a bit tired and somehow I ended up being the couch. It was so much fun to see my parents new house- I love it!

WEll, we woke up about 7AM opened some sweet presents (I got a plane ticket to go to APril Conference in Salt Lake! Yay!) And then we decided to take our niece Kaitlyn sledding. It was alot of fun- it had been so long since the last time I'd been.

We got so many good presents! Dave got me awesome presents and we got a sweet new camera from my parents so now I hope to be better at taking pictures and staying on top of the blog! Merry Christmas 2008!


blindblogger said...

I love how you and Dave match in the pic of you getting off the plane. Awesome! You guys look great. Sorry we missed you too, we'll have to catch up at Bob's wedding. Ha.

Heather said...

Kelsey, Way cute pictures. I'm glad you guys got to come to WA for a few days. It was so fun to see you. You are always so cute! I like Alyse too. I'm hoping for a Utah shopping spree out of it all! :) (Recepetion here and in Spanish Fork!) No pressure Bob! Glad we got to see you.

melissa said...

Kels! It's been forever since I've come over here, but I love all of the pictures of MT! It looks like the best time ever~I was talking to mom on the phone when you were going sledding on Christmas! It makes me really miss the snow. I love the picture with your gingerbread house too. And what a perfect present from Dave~I wished he had given the idea to Hyrum! :)
Love ya!

Haley and Judd Fitzgerald said...

Your vacation looked like so much fun! (except for the skiing part, we all know that I don't brave the cold weather very well) I'm so proud of you updating! Now I guess it's my turn to update again!